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April 30, 1999
The Howard Roarks of the world can
kiss my ass.

April 29, 1999
Dig that

Ed Vielmetti, who runs the
Vacuum mailing list and it's adjunct home page, has recently begun his own weblog. While strong in Ann Arbor focus, it also contains lots of nice random bits on the types of things that folks like Ed and I care about--memes, information structures, social organization, and random cool things found on the Web. And his sundry marginalia, expose a delightfully scatterbrained quality.

April 28, 1999
Today's Lesson:
How Not To Apply 3D To A Search Interface.

Perhaps America's greatest government institution, the Library of Congress has just released a Web site devoted to the
origins of American animation. Gives me goosebumps!

Flash happies.
First, watch every episode of Blink. Then, head over to Light of Speed (click the bots!). And try to tell me this stuff isn't better, more fulfilling, than the shiny, overwrought, empty crap at this flavor of the month.

Do you read the Cardhouse
weblog? You know, you should. It just happens to be the funniest and most incisive out there. Please to be enjoying his BBC macaque monkey discovery of April 26.

I just saw a digitally remastered
Stop Making Sense at the San Francisco International Film Festival. (Jealous?) After the movie all the bandmembers and Jonathan Demme were on stage to answer what were unfortunately puerile questions from the audience. From what I gather, this is the first public appearance of the entire original band since they broke up. You could definitely sense tension between band members.

April 27, 1999
Bookmarked to be read for later:"
Factors and Principles Affecting the Usability of Four E-Commerce Sites."

Leave it to the French to construct an
existential time capsule.

April 26, 1999
Former colleagues at Sun,
Bruce Tognazzini and Jakob Nielsen have a merry old time playfully sniping at each other over the issue of long scrolling pages.

April 24, 1999
The last line
here made me laugh out loud.

Dear God, there's a Web
page for everything.

I just purchased Infocom Masterpieces from the
Activision store. Aaaah, glorious text adventures. Trinity was always my favorite.

UC Berkeley provides a
wealth of information on the new hominid find. Make sure to view the video, and read the full press release, which features this diagram of human ancestry.

new method of wireless communication? The mind boggles at the implications. It's a pretty big "Duh" that wireless communications will follow the path and success of wire communications in our increasingly networked society.

April 23, 1999
Bureaucracy works in
frightening ways. [From TBTF.]

Copyright violations be damned!
Dorothy Parker's poetry.

And pictures I have found! [I'm sorry if the reverse-chronological ordering of
petermemes is at times difficult to follow.] This article from the BBC features not only pictures, but Tim White's great explanation of the significance of the Australopithecus garhi find (in RealVideo). Of particular fascination is the idea that meat-eating lead directly to our larger brains and technological development.

One of my roads not travelled: physical anthropology. Still, I get excited reading about new homind finds, and the
latest seems to be a doozy. But I want pictures! Pictures, I tell you!

April 21, 1999
Cursor magic. Go
here. Click on the second icon in "block 6." Wait for Shockwave to load. Fiddle around. The most fun I've had with my trackpad in weeks.

I'm quoted at the end of a
small piece in Forbes on Simply Porn. [Thanks, Ariana.]

April 20, 1999
A Computer Scientist's View of Life, The Universe, And Everything. I suggest generating a PDF here. It's a little dense with the math, but make sure to skip ahead to the Philosophy section. You'll thank me for it. The paper is stored at xxx.lanl.gov, a wonderful repository of high-minded thinking, and I always smile at the subdomain name. Wacky physicists.

April 19, 1999
Bicycling in San Francisco. Why does the LA Times cover my home better than any local paper?

The more I get into information architecture, the more of a process junky I become. I'm gonna come back to
this when I have more time. It's a detailed discussion of engineering and design process for students at Northwestern. Those foolish kids are spending tens of thousands of dollars for that knowledge, but you can get it for free!

April 18, 1999
Finally! I've written something new for my site. It's a
travelog of my time in Austin. It features a near-kitsch graphical nav bar. Whee!

Washington Post article summarizes our knowledge of human evolution, additionally positing a new theory on the success of human versatility.

April 16, 1999
Overlong splash screens got you down? Maybe you should
skipintro...[Thanks, Matt]

April 15, 1999
Find A Neighborhood is a pretty spiffy visually-oriented search tool. I'm particularly fond of the way you use the map as a search variable (as opposed to just merely seeing your results returned on a map). I also like how you can enter a ZIP code that you appreciate and it will pre-fill search criteria for you. All in all, quite smart.

Lands End Oxford Shirt Applet is an entirely visual and mouse-driven search engine. There is no typing here. A very interesting solution.

"The pilot dropped his bomb in good faith, as you would expect of a trained pilot from a democratic country," he said.

Oh, the absurdity.

So. Because I love you.
Sony Music Licensing's ThinkMap interface to their music collection. I enjoyed searching around the concept of "food."

April 14, 1999
Marisa Bowe, editor in chief of
Word, has compiled a great piece about the effects of money on New York's young technology elite. I liked Clay Shirky's quote best.

April 1, 1999
Don't forget to pay rent!
If 3Com thinks they've got legal ground to stand on (see parody note below), maybe they should look
at this.

A seventh TV network?

Noted without comment:

I wish Jason's
removal of his Simply Porn parody were an April Fool's joke, but it's not. In the interest of promoting free speech, I'm publishing the parody, minus the original 3Com ads, here.