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  July 9, 1999: Webpardy! Web99 SF.

January 25, 1999:
Welcome to 'My' Parlor

October 13, 1998:
Webpardy! Web98 East

June 27, 1998:
This Is Webpardy!

May 24, 1998:
Frames: Information vs. Application

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  July 9, 1999

Webpardy! Web99 SF

On July 1st, the third game of Webpardy was played. Contestants were returning champion
Carl Steadman, tall guy who wears orange Taylor, and the nattily dressed Justin Hall.

L to R: peterme, Taylor, Justin, Carl, after a $100 spree at Urban Outfitters, and some pizza from Blondie's across the street. picture by Solomon (some guy walking by).

The game was wonderfully well-attended. Taylor performed best, but nobody one, as he and Justin bet it all on Final Webpardy and got it wrong. Carl, who got it right, bet only $1 on a score of $-1800. So, we considered it a three-way tie, and split the $100 gift certificate to Urban Outfitters, lifestyler purveyors for Generation X.

If you wanna try your hand, check out
Webpardy Web99 SF!