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Adaptive Path’s is coming to Vancouver; Register Now!

Coming in November is the third installment of our successful and well-loved UX Intensive event, taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November 12-15. In this workshop, you are taught by leaders in their fields:

  • Brandon Schauer — Design Strategy
  • Todd Wilkens — Design Research
  • Dan Saffer — Interaction Design
  • Chiara Fox — Information Architecture

Register by Friday, September 21 for deeply discounted prices. Use promotional code FOPM to get an additional 15% off the registration price.

I’ve been making a list of Canadian things Adaptive Path loves (which are mostly things *I* love about Canada):

  • maple syrup
  • Mounties
  • Terry Fox
  • Nanaimo bars
  • butter tarts (without raisins)
  • poutine from Le Banquise in Montreal
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie
  • gay marriage
  • single-payer health care
  • Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers
  • animated shorts (particularly “The Big Snit” and “The Sweater”)
  • dressing as if you could go hiking or canoeing at any moment
  • Marshall McLuhan
  • politeness
  • Steve Nash
  • the theme song to “The Littlest Hobo”
  • early David Cronenberg films
  • “The Sweet Hereafter”
  • saying “process” and “project” with long “o”s, but “produce” with a short “o”
  • Banff
  1. Hey, it’s not all gay marriage and nanaimo bars up here… we still have to live with Celine Dion, Don Cherry and the Calgary Flames.

  2. I know about those. I made it clear that these were things AP *loves*. If we were to list Canadian things AP loathes, I could start with:
    * Celine Dion
    * Bryan Adams
    * Corey Hart
    * Molsons/Labatts
    * Calgary
    * Smugness towards Americans
    * -40 degrees temperature
    * the Queen is still on your money

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