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first full day in new york

1. It’s windy and chilly. Thankfully, it’s supposed to get a little warmer. I underdressed.

2. 10 years later, and Starbucks still seems to be the most consistently reliable source of coffee. New York: that’s just sad.

3. I had a burger and black-and-white shake from the Shake Shack (thanks, Joshua!). Both were very yummy. I don’t know if they’re wait-an-hour-for-it yummy, but I would go back. If you eat outside at night (like we did), you see many many rats scurrying around. They’re nearly as fearless as park pigeons. They must love their ground chuck!

4. Where the restaurant Le Gamin used to be is a different restaurant with a slightly different name (that I cannot recall) and the exact same menu. And the food is as good.

5. A lot of middle-aged queens with dogs live in the Hotel Chelsea. Maybe this isn’t news.

6. Chocolate egg creams – still yummy!

  1. For amazing coffee, Joe, 9th Street and Gimme Coffee are the only options.

    For better than Starbucks, there still aren’t enough for sure, but there are some, Oren’s and Mud are two local minichains that will do the trick, and there are some small ones that come through, although half of them are in williamsburg.

    any plans to come by ITP?

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