Adaptive Path’s is coming to Vancouver; Register Now!

Coming in November is the third installment of our successful and well-loved UX Intensive event, taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November 12-15. In this workshop, you are taught by leaders in their fields:

  • Brandon Schauer — Design Strategy
  • Todd Wilkens — Design Research
  • Dan Saffer — Interaction Design
  • Chiara Fox — Information Architecture

Register by Friday, September 21 for deeply discounted prices. Use promotional code FOPM to get an additional 15% off the registration price.

I’ve been making a list of Canadian things Adaptive Path loves (which are mostly things *I* love about Canada):

  • maple syrup
  • Mounties
  • Terry Fox
  • Nanaimo bars
  • butter tarts (without raisins)
  • poutine from Le Banquise in Montreal
  • Bob and Doug McKenzie
  • gay marriage
  • single-payer health care
  • Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers
  • animated shorts (particularly “The Big Snit” and “The Sweater”)
  • dressing as if you could go hiking or canoeing at any moment
  • Marshall McLuhan
  • politeness
  • Steve Nash
  • the theme song to “The Littlest Hobo”
  • early David Cronenberg films
  • “The Sweet Hereafter”
  • saying “process” and “project” with long “o”s, but “produce” with a short “o”
  • Banff

6 thoughts on “Adaptive Path’s is coming to Vancouver; Register Now!

  1. Oh, and the LoadingReadyRun, GALACTICAST, Pure Pwnage and Jim Dupree podcasts for me.

  2. Hey, it’s not all gay marriage and nanaimo bars up here… we still have to live with Celine Dion, Don Cherry and the Calgary Flames.

  3. I know about those. I made it clear that these were things AP *loves*. If we were to list Canadian things AP loathes, I could start with:
    * Celine Dion
    * Bryan Adams
    * Corey Hart
    * Molsons/Labatts
    * Calgary
    * Smugness towards Americans
    * -40 degrees temperature
    * the Queen is still on your money

  4. Stacy is my favorite Canadian thing.

  5. Uh, not everyone at Adaptive Path is cool with gay marriage…