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  July 9, 1999: Webpardy! Web99 SF.

January 25, 1999:
Welcome to 'My' Parlor

October 13, 1998:
Webpardy! Web98 East

June 27, 1998:
This Is Webpardy!

May 24, 1998:
Frames: Information vs. Application

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  June 27, 1998

This is Webpardy!

At Web '98 I hosted Webpardy!, a game show featuring trivia about the Web. The contestants were
David Siegel, Carl Steadman, and Jakob Nielsen. It was a lot of fun, and a good time was had by all.

I've posted all the
answers and questions, so take a look and see how'd you do.

[Note as of 10/13/98: A new game of Webpardy has been
put up.]