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Webpardy! Web98 East

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  October 13, 1998

Webpardy! Web98 East

So, on September 23rd I hosted Webpardy! for a second time. The contestants were
Carl Steadman (returning), Michael Sippey (publisher of Stating the Obvious) and Dale Dougherty (grand mucky-muck of Web Review).

L to R: Dale, Carl, Sippey. Photo by PeterMe.

This time around we had real Jeopardy!-style buzzers (you can see one in Sippey's hand), which Carl had procured through some twisted machinations. Not that it mattered, 'cause, at best, only one of them knew the question to any answer.

Anyway, Carl, who was
clobbered in Webpardy!'s premiere, won this time, and walked away with a $200 gift certificate to Urban Outfitters, Lifestyle Purveyors for Generation X.

If you wanna try your hand, check out
Webpardy Web98 East!