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  June 8, 1999: Cube
June 8, 1999:
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  June 8, 1999


Probably the best movie of 1998. Todd Solondz has crafted a wrenching, disturbing, and affecting tale of love, loneliness, and perversion.

(It's been a few weeks since I saw it, so this review will consist of impressions rather than a cohesive critique.)

The pre-opening-credits scene is among the high-points in cinema of the 1990s, and Jon Lovitz' performance is astounding. (As is the realization that he can act! Really really act!)

The shocking elements of this film aren't so shocking. The pederast is disturbing, but portrayed in such an understanding light that, while you don't condone the character's behavior, you can't outright despise him.

While the title and the subject matter scream "90's irony," the film's treatment of characters and events is actually refreshingly honest and fair. Perhaps Solondz' ultimate irony is the sincere presentation in the face of expected irony. Is this the first post-ironic film?

Hrm. I'm sorry. This review isn't really going anywhere. But you should--to rent the video!