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  May 30, 1998: Dark City and The Parkway Theater

May 7, 1998:
Movie Review--Paulina

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  May 7,1998 
A couple days ago I saw Paulina as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival. An amazingly powerful documentary chronicling the life of a Mexican woman who at age 8 was traded away for land rights, repeatedly raped by her "husband" when she was 13, and soon after fled to Mexico City to start a new life.
Mixing video interviews with filmed re-creations, the film pursues Rashomon-like thoughts on the nature of truth (conflicting stories from various interviewees are juxtaposed), particularly in showing disturbing instances of extreme denial on the part of Paulina's mother and other townsfolk over the way Paulina was treated as a child.
Happily, the film has found a distributor, and will have a theatrical release within the year.