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Movies worth watching on Netflix streaming

There have been some articles recently whinging about how Netflix doesn’t have the movies you want to watch. While this is true, it’s clear that, because of rights issues and costs, we’re a LONG way from Spotify from movies, so it also means that the point is moot. Also, there are plenty  of movies worth watching on Netflix streaming, many of which I’m guessing you haven’t seen. Some suggestions to add to your queue (All pointers to InstantWatcher, a great service for browsing Netflix):

  1. Pretty good line-up, as far as it goes. But viewers aged enough to appreciate these films have already seen them – some several times a piece, and it is my on-going observation that viewers not yet born when they were first released, or alive but disinterested at that time, are only interested in what is new and noisy, big screen and garish. If today’s movie audience could like those old films, the studios would still be making them. If movies were once “The opiate of the masses”, they are now the crack cocaine of the tasteless. Dealers give us what we want, artists reach for what we need.

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