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The “Connected” Meme Flourishes

At the beginning of March, I gave a talk where I posit that we are in a “Connected Age” and that business must alter its practices accordingly. Shortly after, I find out that Dave Gray had recently written a blog post about the Connected Company, which then turned into its own blog, and Google Group.

And now I hear about Tiffany Shlain’s new film, “Connected”, a documentary that is tag-lined “an autobiography about love, death, and technology,” and which seems to hit on many of the themes I’ve been mulling around the Connected Age.

(And in finding out about the film, I found out about the book Living Networks, “leading your company, customers, and partners in the hyper-connected economy.”

  1. Indeed. frog’s new positioning is “driving innovation for the connected world” and we have just rebranded frog’s parent company, Aricent, which is all about the connected world:

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