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Parenthood – the biggest difference so far

Some folks ask me what’s been the biggest difference in my life now that I have a child. For a while, it was hard to say what was because of the child, as I was on leave from work for 6 weeks, and bought a house. Now that I’ve been back to work a couple weeks, and we’re settling into the new house, what I’m seeing as the emerging distinction is a new domesticity. When I leave the office, I’m pretty much done with work — I’ve done far less “work from home” this past two weeks than before. Instead, I’m focused on whatever needs to happen at home, even if it’s just calming Jules.

We’ll see how this goes.

  1. “A married man with a family will do anything for money”

    Charles M. de Talleyrand

  2. That was my experience as well. After the kid starts sleeping through the night, hopefully with a decent bed time, you can carve out a “B shift” – mine’s about 9 to midnight. You can crank out a little more then.

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