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Quarter of a million

Back in February, it had 90000 views, but as of today, my slidecast (combination of slideshow with audio track) “Experience is the Product” has just passed 250000 views, making it the most popular slidecast on Slideshare (and the 7th most popular presentation). The next closest slidecast has 86000. I have no idea what so many folks find interesting about the presentation, but I’m gratified.

  1. I think that we will see this slidecast getting many more views.
    Its secret is that it manages to connect with not only designers but also marketers and other business type folks.

    That is its greatness and I personally was and still am inspired by it.

    Big congrats and thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Peter,

    I am one of those 250000 views. I had the chance to watch together with my design team, since I already saw an article that you wrote time ago about the same issue.

    I am sure the number of views will be increased since it is a very clear slideshow and there is a lot of things to do related with UX design, unfourtenely for user, fourtenalety for us designer to work on it.

    Thanks a lot for your contribution.

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