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In my post “Crime dramas shot in the city,” I mention my love for High and Low (my personal favorite Kurosawa flick.) Well, I just found out that on Tuesday Criterion releases a new 2-disc special edition of the film. Their prior DVD release was just the film, no frills. The new one’s got all kinds of goodies (commentary track, making-of documentary, interview with Mifune), which might get me to *purchase* it (and I never ever purchase DVDs).

  1. Because I only watch them once, typically. So it’s better to just rent them. (I also rarely purchase books… I much prefer the library!)

  2. I currently hold cards with four Los Angeles area library systems and have accounts at three video stores, plus both NetFlix and Blockbuster online. Using the Internet, I reserve and rent hundreds of book and video titles a year, many of which I return after reading only a few pages or viewing a few minutes; affordable trolling which can lead to many satisfying experiences and even some treasured possessions.

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