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Bold Shill – UX Week News

There’s a lot happening yon Adaptive Path way as we gear up for UX Week 2008.

We’ve just announced the actual super final completing of our program, including Jury Hahn, and the presentations we’ll get from the folks at the Exploratorium.

My colleague Leah Buley conducted a marvelous interview with Audrey Chen, lead IA on For anyone wondering what role an IA serves in our modern Web world, look no further.

And I’ve had the fortune of email-conversing with Michael B. Johnson, who runs the Moving Pictures Group at Pixar. There’s a lot to chew on, touching on everything from prototyping to hiring to management and morale.

You can register for any combination of days at UX Week, though I recommend coming for all 4. And use the promotional code FOPM and receive 15% off!