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I’ve had a meme stuck in my head since pretty much the first time I heard it (or was it read it?). Michael Pollan sums up his latest book, In Defense of Food, with these 7 words: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

As that phrase lodged itself into my brain, I’ve been in awe of the power of it as a crafted meme. I mean, it has actually had an effect on what I’m eating, particularly at lunch time. Shit, I willingly had a tofu dish for lunch today, and I’m pretty certain that phrase played a part. I may be suggestible, but I also think Pollan has done an excellent job crafting a statement that is simple, precise, and meaningful.

  1. Tell me about it; after I read your post I went to brunch and scarfed down the floral arrangement instead of the eggs benedict. I am still hiccuping rose petals.

  2. I don’t think tofu, or soy in general, is what he had in mind, Peter. Google “soy is bad for you” and see what you find.

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