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The most useful website for coordinating travel launched in 2007 is….


Now, I’m guessing most folks, reading the post title, would have thought I’d say “Dopplr.” And don’t get me wrong — I dig Dopplr, and occasionally play with it.

But, man, Tripit is *useful*. Now, it’s interface/interaction design is woefully mediocre — it’s often not clear how to engage in an action, the pages are laid out clunkily, the home page doesn’t know who you are when you’re logged in. Dopplr definitely scores many more points on such matters.

But Tripit is the tool I use again and again. I love forwarding confirmation emails to Tripit, and having it auto-populate my itinerary. I love coordinating with my coworkers for business travel. I love being able to check one place for all my travel information, instead of rooting around my inbox.

I guess if I had a Christmas Wish for the Web, it would be for Tripit and Dopplr to merge into one truly beautiful and useful tool for coordinating travel between me and my friends and colleagues.

  1. I completely agree. I marvel at the simplicity of TripIt. It’s offering is simple and it’s one of those things that “just works”. I find that each time I build a new trip I find a new feature that was either added or I just hadn’t noticed. Last time, it was the ability to manually add a little note.

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