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On the radio…

Talking blog

Two weeks ago I was interviewed by a producer from NPR about coining the word blog. It was for a piece on the 10th anniversary of the word “weblog,” which they ran today. (When you get to the page, click “Listen Now” — I can’t seem to find a direct link to the audio file itself.) You can hear me in there — they used about, oh, 20 seconds of my stuff. You hear me explain how I derived “blog,” and you hear me “link” to Justin Hall.

  1. Merry Christmas!

    The other day I was going through old photos and found the ones of you outside the Dairy Queen, eating your Buster Bar. Too cute! I believe that may even pre-date “blog”. heh

  2. yay! I missed the piece on the 24th but I was hoping you be in there somewhere.

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