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A catalog of work activities I engaged in yesterday

  • follow up with client about procurement
  • approve venue for Boston event
  • coordinate meeting with client
  • write captions for illustrations in book
  • find/create images for illustrations in book
  • lunch with potential clients
  • prepare for company meeting
  • plan hiring
  • book travel for a 4-hour stint in Los Angeles
  • sketch designs for complex online forms
  • plan event programming
  • invite speakers to event
  • write copy for web site
  • review proposal
  • edit transcript of interview
  • edit audio file of interview
  • write lots of email
  • read lots and lots of email
    1. And you probably spent more time composing this list than executging any item on it. As the Rudy Vallee character in UNFAITHFULLY YOURS intones, “If you want anything done, always ask the busy man.” Come on down, I have few tasks for you.

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