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Michael Wesch presents two new videos

As I mentioned earlier, my biggest revelation at the IDEA conference was Michael Wesch, and I was quite enamored of two new videos he showed. He’s now released them publicly.

A Vision of Students Today

This is perhaps my favorite video of the ones he’s done. I love that it came out of a collaborative project with his class. I am fascinated by how he uses the physical space of a classroom as a character in the piece.

Information R/evolution

This is for all the IAs in the house. Or anyone whose read David Weinberger’s book. Or anyone dealing with information. Which is everyone, I suppose.

  1. Nicely done, if sometimes a bit too quickly edited. I did note the strongly white and seemingly well-heeled audience, but that could also be an effect of the place where it was done. I was also struck by just how many people would be in an intro to cultural anthropology class! How cool is that!?

    Still, I wonder if there a bit of a fallacy of switching definitions in some cases, or applying false equivalencies? To say that someone writes 42 pages OF SCHOLARLY MATERIAL is somehow comparable to writing 500 pages of email might beg the question. Don’t we believe that academic, researched, synthesized writing takes a different focus, a different mental process, that conversation–which is what almost all of these 500 pages of email are?

    Sorry, but I’m a little understruck by the “poor poor pitiful me” argument these folks seem to be saying. As Webb Wilder said, “Tough it out!”

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