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I’m honored to have a feature posted to Core77, a leading design site. Called “Experience is the product”, it’s a cogent articulation of thoughts that have been batted around here and over on the AP Blog for a while. It’s about how when we take an experiential approach to design, we end up moving away from standalone products, toward services where “products” are simply interfaces to a larger system. Working with Allan Chochinov, Core77 editor, has been great, and I’m really happy with how he’s presented the piece. Check it out!

  1. Wow. You definitely sucked me in with this article – I am in the process of buying a new mobile phone, and analysing my responses to it – in other words, my user experience.
    This isn’t my field (design, interface, etc) but you wrote so simply and straightforwardly -you really caught my interest in these issues – I appreciate it!

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