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Heading to SxSW

On Friday, I arrive at SXSW.

I’m staying at the Austin Motel (so close… yet so far out) on South Congress–away from the nonsense that is Austin’s downtown, and next to many of my favorite places in the city — Jo’s for coffee, Blackmail, Amy’s Ice Cream, the Hotel San Jose, Uncommon Objects, and an excellent pizza place whose name I forget.

I’ll also be making my yearly pilgrimage to Ruby’s barbecue, Toy Joy (bestest toy store in America!), and Spider House (bestest coffeehouse in Austin!).

I will also be attending the many many parties happening every evening.

And, as an afterthought, actually have two official jobs:
– “Stop Designing Products” – session on Saturday
– “The Future of the Book” – a panel I’ll be leading on Tuesday (I think it’s on Tuesday)

  1. When you go to ToyJoy remember you have the bestest nephew in the world. If they have a balsa wood flyer, get it. I can’t find them here.

  2. Every time I’m in Austin I make sure to get breakfast burritos at El Sol y la Luna, within spittin’ distance of the Austin Hotel.

  3. Pizza! In Texas? You gotta be kidding. Even if it’s good, who cares? What-they got no cattle in Austin?

    Or do you go to Seattle for Tex-Mex and grilled rattlesnake?

  4. You have access to all the good, and even excellent, pizza you need in the Bay Area. Good is not good enough in many circumstances. Unless you think the Austin pizza is BETTER than you can eat every day at home, why not use your eating opportunities on local delights you can not readily find at home, or on other travels.

    I am sure you have heard your Mother quote Sam Dana who likied to say that I traveled on my stomach. He really meant my taste buds, of course, because they were always open to new stimuli.

    I am starting to wonder if the Austin appeal to you and Travis is that it has aspects of San Francisco South.

  5. “Stop Designing Products” was excellent!

    You may not know it, but you were quoted several times that same afternoon by other panelists. How can I petition to get you more time next year?

    Is there any chance you might post/share your slides? They are excellent example of how presentations should be a transfer of emotion, not a list of bullet points.

    Welcome back to Austin,
    -Jeff Carpenter

    P.S. I think you mean, “Rudys” for BBQ.

  6. Because father Knows Best – and suggests you don’t forget to pack your sense of humor when you travel.

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