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Lodging and Libations in Las Vegas

In March, I’ll be in Las Vegas for the IA Summit. The conference will be at the Flamingo, but I’m not particularly keen on staying at that hotel. I’ve stayed at the Venetian and the Bellagio before. I’d love any suggestions for where to stay.

I’d also love suggestions for where Adaptive Path should host a cocktail hour. There is no shortage of drinking spots in Las Vegas, which makes the task of finding a good one for us daunting. IAs love beer and gin and tonics, and they want to be in a place that’s not TOO LOUD so they can geek out.

Please leave suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

  1. My dad lives in Las Vegas and is quite the eater and drinker. I’ll get some advice from him for you.

  2. If you manage to find anything like the Hotel San Jose you found in Austin, let me know. That was the best choice-in-town. Pool-side conversations with smart & funny people, a good microbrew on the table and some wasabi-nuts within reach, make for great experiences!

  3. You might think of a place downtown on Fremont Street. Isn’t there a shuttle folks could take? that way they get to see the Fremont Street experience and see a bit of old-school Vegas. I’m thinking the Vegas Club or Binion’s (formerly the Horseshoe)?

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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