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Me, Michael Bierut, and User Experience Week 2006

Part 2 of my conversation with Michael Bierut has been posted.

In this installment, we touch on ethics, politics, and designing tangible futures. Lots of good stuff. Some favorite passages:

“I also sometimes hear that, for instance, design adn politics don’t mix. Sure they mix. Everything mixes. The goal is to seek an integrated life, which is what I think Tibor did. You may be a designer with special expertise, and certainly that’s why a client would retain your advice. But try not to answer as a designer. Try to answer as a citizen, as a human being, and as a designer.”

“Being able to make vivid counterfeits is one of the joys of being a graphic designer, and one that we don’t take enough pleasure in.”

“I never talk about “educating the client.” I hate that phrase. Almost always it’s the designers who need the education, not the client, not the audience.”

Michael, of course, is speaking at Adaptive Path’s User Experience Week 2006. If you register before July 1, you can save $100 off the standard price.

AND, if you register with the promotion code FOPM (Friends of Peter Merholz), you’ll save an additional 15%. That’s an additional $284!

Because of the all-star nature of this event (Steven Johnson, Michael Bierut, among others), and the great content (everything from designing for museums to user research to business strategies to Web 2.0… and more) we forecast selling out (we’ve sold many more seats this year by this time than ever before). So, if you’ve been thinking about it, register now.