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IDEA 2006 – Three new speakers announced!

Over the past week I’ve had some great discussions with people whom I wanted to present at IDEA 2006.

And in that last week, I’ve lined up three new speakers:

  • Fernanda Viegas, IBM Research, History Flow
    Fernanda will address the upsurge of visualizations online, and how more and more people are able to visualize their own data

  • Robert Kalin, (next-generation commerce and community site)
    If you’ve used Etsy, you know it’s a marvel of content, commerce, and community (if a bit frustrating to navigate at times). Robert will talk about what’s influenced the design of Etsy, and how the Web is still in its infancy in creating engaging spaces for people to interact with.

  • We will also have a representative from the National Park Service’s publications center, responsible for the cross-media design of brochures, exhibits, and online media.
    Long time peterme readers know I love NPS design. I’m thrilled that we’ll have a representative share with us how they do it. How they tie together an astonishing array of materials and maintain high quality.

    You can sign up for deep discounts if you register by June 26!