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A Book I Would Read

I would love to read a book on the forces that have lead/are leading the United States to become a foodie nation. In my travels, I’ve eaten very well in places not considered particularly culinary. There seems to be a convergence of factors — the rise of organic, the appeal of The Food Network, the Fedexification of fresh food delivery, etc. — leading to where I can get “cuisine” all over.

  1. Huh? The Food Network? Are movies better than ever now because of the IFC Network?

    Maybe you’ll have to identify the particular places that you feel have benefited from this culinary rennaisance. I know that I haven’t eaten any place in America since before your college days that has more appeal to me now than before.

    My reality is a sadness at the loss of a gustatory wealth of savory restaurant and other culinary delights in the general blanding down of present day commercial food preparation enterprises.

    The forces you allude to are not as much with, as against you, and you won’t need a book to explain it when you begin to taste it.

    Bon appetit!

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