1. Mutineers by Jonathan Neale

    “And when we return to port and she’s plying her trade on another ship, what will you do then?”

  2. haha, well, i’m in the living room where i have no books really. this one i found in my mother’s house after she died. i had to keep it cuz the author’s photo in the back is priceless. plus it descibes his as the “people’s philosopher” of the 70s.

    Book: “looking out for #1” by robert j. ringer

    this incomprehensible disparity helps me keep the roadblocks in my life cut down to more realistic size, making them much easier to deal with.

  3. Is this a game? If so, I’ll bite:

    Barry Farber, “How To Learn Any Language”, p23 line5:
    “As knowledge grows, it throws off pleasure to its possessor, much like an interest-bearing account throws off money.”

    … hold it, didn’t The Amazing Kreskin do something like this years ago, or maybe it was an old Joe Dunninger routine…?

  4. The counterculture revolution that marked the wide dispersion of the generation was embodied in the 7-up ad campaign that billed the drink as the ‘uncola.’

    Corporate Cults, by Dave Arnott.

  5. Best of all, you can edit the elements inside the envelope.

    Adobe Illustrator 10, User Guide

  6. It was one of those quite arbitrary emotions, like jumping off a cliff or falling in love.

    From The Man Who Was Thursday, by G.K. Chesterton

  7. “‘There were confusing reports about him, and at one time he seemed to be part of a different organization altogether; but now it appears that he is only a linguist, employed to deal with Turkish and Arabic documents, and that he must soon go back to his university.'”

    Treason’s Harbour by Patrick O’Brian

  8. “I shall show you some worked-out protein structures presently that will give you an idea of the complexity.”

    Horace Freeland Judson, “The Eighth Day of Creation”

  9. “Integrity Selling” by Ron Wellingham (a textbook for my excruciating new insurance sales position).

    “As you practice my suggestions,you’ll be amazed at how well you relate to people.” p. 23 (last sentence of chapter 1)

  10. “And that Corinth was injuring us is clear.”

    The Landmark Thucydides (a comprehensive guide to the peloponnesian war) Edited by Robert B Strassler

  11. “However, during organization or any other step in producing a draft, the writer may discover gaps in the information gathered so far.”

    The Professional Writer: A Guide for Advanced Technical Writing. Alred, Oliu, & Brusaw

  12. “Formulering og valg af systemdefinition foregĂ„r i den tredie delaktivitet.”

    “Objekt Orienteret Analyse & Design”, Mathiassen et al., 3. edt., Marko 2001.

  13. This ‘game'(or ‘thing’ or whatever) have reached here, where Korean(R.O.K.)bloggers are. Juz wanted to notice.

  14. [Not counting the table at the top of the page…]

    “You can convert between data types with unpack().”

    PHP Cookbook, David Sklar & Adam Trachtenberg

  15. “Modern measuring intruments such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers incorporate microprocessors or microcontrollers to provide accuracy and flexibility in measuments.”

    [The Motorola MC68000 Microprocessor Family: Assembly Language, Interface Design and System Design, Second Edition, by Harman and Hein]

  16. Destiny’s Shield, by Eric Flint and David Drake

    “Which, indeed, he did.”

    We’re not moving toward the Great American Novel, now are we?

  17. “I have fallen into a trap, but there is no need to panic,” Cao Xiu exlaimed, and he ordered General Zhang Pu to lead the vanguard into battle against the southern army.

    – Three Kingdoms, Volume III (Foreign Language Press, Beijing)

  18. “Figure 2-2D and Figure 2-4 show a single terminal window with a shell prompt ($).”

    – Learning the UNIX operating system (O’Reilly)

  19. Book: “Macromedia Flash MX 2004: Game Programming”

    – When the playhead gets to the end of the movie, it stops.

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