Work With Me: Inflection Seeks Product Design Leads

Given my recent posts claiming that there’s no such thing as UX design, it was… ironic that to still have jobs for UX Designers at Inflection. Well, that’s starting to change. We just re-cast our “Senior UX Designer” role as a Product Design Lead.

This change is the result of realizing how our teams work best, and that’s with a senior, seasoned, take-charge kind of person at the helm. Simply being a good “senior UX designer” is not sufficient — we need someone who can work with product management to articulate a vision, craft a plan, and lead a team of designers and front-end developers to make it real.

With the imminent departure of, Inflection is very much once again in a startup mode, but with a level of organizational stability and sanity uncommon in Silicon Valley. If you seek the freedom to create and innovate like a startup, but have been unwilling to sacrifice things like work/life balance and employee respect, this Product Design Lead could be a great opportunity for you.