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Further evidence there is no such thing as “UX Design”

Read the 15 answers from “User Experience Experts” to the question “What is UX Design?”

And then come back and tell me if there is actually such a thing as UX Design. I suppose there might be 15 things as UX Design. . .

  1. You honestly don’t see any pattern in those answers?

    To some degree most of them are saying:

    “UX Design is the design of [something] using [empathetic lens or methods] aimed at [positive functional and emotional outcome] for the people who use it.”

    The specifics in the brackets change with each engagement but the general statement has pretty-much always been true. That’s my definition and if someone asks me the question, they’ll get this answer customized with the variables that make sense to them. Lay this on top of any of the answers in the article and see what you think. I never tried to put too fine a point on it for fear it would pre-empt me from tackling a new challenge that doesn’t fit a mold or recipe. I’ve also come to believe that codifying was the first step to commodifying. I’d like to hold that off for a while longer so I’ve been purposely evasive when it comes to DTDT.

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