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Seeking: Candidates for a Service Design Internship at Inflection

I am looking for a graduate student intern to conduct a service design internship at Inflection this summer. This person would help me uncover, craft, and articulate a broader service strategy for our offerings, tying together marketing, sales, business development, product design, and member services. You must be familiar with the tools and techniques of service design (customer journey maps, blueprints, etc. etc.)

If you are interested, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

  1. I’m currently an Industrial Design student at the University of Kansas. I will be graduating this Fall and I’m currently looking for an internship opportunity that includes all the design product development process.

    I want to express my high interest in this opportunity. Feel free to contact me at any time at 913-709-5206

  2. In June 2012 I graduate with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design (specialty in Service Design) from Aalborg University in Denmark. I will be joining my partner in San Francisco after graduating.
    I am classically trained in industrial design and service design, so I am very familiar with the tools and mindset within service design.

    I have 1,5 years of experience in client facing service design. I have previous experience in the user facing side (user research and co-design), design development (concept development, detailing) and client facing side (workshops and presentations) of a project.

    My dual citizenship in Denmark and America gives me the opportunity to transfer to San Francisco easily.

    I am the founder and representative of “Service Design Network Denmark,” where I actively coordinates events to advance the practice and study of Service Design. This organization is the biggest of it’s type in all of Denmark. When relocating to San Francisco I will still be connected to the network to feed Denmark with international knowledge and experience.

    I think it would be very interesting to joining you this summer. I hope to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me through email or Skype: kat.rau.

    Kind regards,
    Katrine Rau Ofenstein

  3. Jessica, Katrine–

    Thank you both for your interest. I am currently traveling, and expect to address this next week.

  4. I’m a graduate student at the University of Kansas in the Design Management program. I’ll be graduating this Spring and would love the opportunity to get a hands-on experience.

    Feel free to look at my portfolio and contact me for any further information.


  5. I am also interested in the service design internship at Inflection. I will be graduating from the the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with my MBA in May. I’ve applied the tools of service design to my own startup (now closed) and other projects in which I’ve helped startups think about their business models and product design. A project that I worked on as part of a Information Systems and Service Design class was later funded by Google. I am also excited about big data and believe in the importance of making it accessible and understandable to people. If this position is no longer open, I’m interested in other opportunities at Inflection.

  6. I am interested in the service design internship; I was referred to you by Christopher Ireland. I am a MFA in Design candidate 2013 at California College of the Arts. I am interested in design research, human centered design, and data visualization. I have over 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and I aspire to work within a team that utilizes design strategy that makes meaningful connections between people, communities, and businesses.

  7. I’m interested in the service design internship as well. I’m a first-year MFA Design student at California College of the Arts. Christopher Ireland, my Business of Design professor, referred me here.

    In my design research and business coursework, I’ve made use of ethnographies, participatory design tools, wireframes, storyboards, personas, and customer journey maps. I’d welcome an opportunity to merge those skills with my 3 years of experience assessing legal teams’ data management needs.

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