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Work With Me: Senior User Experience Designer

As I hinted in my post about joining Inflection, I’m looking to bring a number of senior folks on to the user experience team.

My priority is to hire a Senior User Experience Designer.

One way I’ve been thinking about it–I’m looking for someone to be a Riker to my Picard. I can do that, because, I, too, am balding. Not that I’m looking only for strapping young-ish men who will rock a full beard a few years from now.

Here’s how I phrased it in an upcoming revision to the job description:

Are you up to the challenge of incorporating quality user experience into a fast-paced delivery-focused environment? Are you a user experience generalist frustrated at being placed in a specialist box? Do you have 5-7 years experience working on big consumer-facing industry-leading properties (think Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and you know how it should be done?

What’s great about Inflection is that we are not dysfunctional, we respect live/work balance, and we are committed to creating great products. We’re still relatively small (~130 people) and have a strong start-up vibe, and there’s lots of a room to make a difference and establish new and improved ways of working. UX does not mean just “UI”, and when I mention my service design orientation, it is met with acceptance, not blank stares. UX, through me, reports directly to the CEO, and is considered key in how we differentiate and compete. I believe we’re on the cusp of some truly great things, and I’m looking bring great people on to help us see this through.

If this sounds interesting, check out the fuller job description, and take it from there.

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