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Top Chef: Season 9, Episode 6: Higher Steaks

(remember: there will be spoilers.)

This episode didn’t excite as much response from me as last week’s.

The Quickfire was a good, basic, technique-driven exercise. I couldn’t stand guest judge Dean Fearing, and his condescending style.

I was happy to see Grayson win. She’s a dark horse, and probably won’t go super far, but she’s also one of the few cheftestants that qualify for the seasonal Reality Show Participant That Seems Relatively Normal, Possibly Interesting, And You Think You Could Enjoy A Beer with them. The others who count this season would be Paul, Edward, Chris Jones, and maybe Chris C, if only for his silly commentary.

Unlike Beverly, who seems like a psychotherapist’s wet dream, a bundle of neuroses that seem to stem from the conflicts of being part of the “model minority,” a woman, and a chef (and thus displeasing her family with her career choice.) Beverly wins the Most Like Cameron From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off award, in that you figure if you stuck a lump of coal up her ass, it would come out a diamond.

Heather, who ends up winning elimination by baking Edward’s cake recipe (!), is getting, as they say on the boards, the “villain edit.” And boy, does she seem to deserve it (particularly in the “next week” teaser of her shutting down Grayson). When I see Heather, I’m reminded of the woman who runs the shoe store in the ZZ Top video Legs, the one who eats the girl’s cake.


This is how my brain works.

The less said about those on the bottom, and Whitney ultimately leaving, the better, though I’m bummed that Whitney beat out Chuy in the Last Chance Kitchen.

  1. Heather’s villain edit was particularly grating this week, with roughly 17 million mentions of Bev’s shrimp. I suspect Bev is actually not as annoying as she’s edited to be either, though. But then, I adore Cameron.

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