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Adaptive Path’s 2011 Events: Register Now Save Big!

We now interrupt this irregularly-scheduled blog for this announcement.

Adaptive Path has a big push for our 2011 slate of events. Called “Register Now Save Big!” the point is to help folks use their 2010 training budgets for 2011 events. You can get 15% off the already discounted early registration prices for three events: MX: Managing Experience 2011, UX Intensive Amsterdam, and our flagship conference, UX Week 2011 (We still haven’t announced any speakers yet for UX Week, as it’s pretty far out, but if you’ve gone in prior years, you know what an amazing event it will be.)

So, when registering for the event, use the discount code RNSB for your additional 15% off!

  1. I see the Adaptive Path Marketing Director thought better than to allow you to promote this event on the company blog!

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