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Do People Ever Tire of Being Wrong?

Last April, there was a flurry of “news” coverage on concerns about Up, and whether it not commercial enough.

Well, it has currently grossed more money than any other film this year (though Transformers 2 will blow past it soon. Still…)

Is anyone going back to the “analysts” and upbraiding them for their shortsighted work? Is there any punishment, demerit, or other drawback to having been so wrong?

  1. Isn’t the money lost out on by retailers and non-investors in UP stock enough of a punishment, much less upbraid to the nay-sayers? Besides which-who cares?

  2. Refreshing to see the prompt response from the quoted Disney execs, though. They may stand pretty much alone with their creative views in Hollywood, even in Disney, but never the less they preach the right thing; “We seek to make great films first”.

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