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UX Week – Programming Complete, Exciting Speakers, Things to Play With

The programming for UX Week is complete. The most recent additions are among the most exciting: Michael D. Robinson from Pixar will share with us their processes for turning story concepts into feature films, August de los Reyes and Dennis Wixon from Microsoft Surface talking about the challenges of designing for large-scale multitouch, and folks from Current TV addressing the idiosyncrasies of designing media consumed both on TV and on the Web.

Each day has a theme:

  • Day 1: Fundamentals of User Experience
  • Day 2: Service and Media Design
  • Day 3: Play and Immersion
  • Day 4: The Future of User Experience

    And you can now sign up for any combination of single days, or, of course, all four!

    I’m eagerly anticipating this event. We’ve aimed to put together the premier event for user experience professionals, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another venue addressing the distinct challenges UX practitioners face as well as this program does.

    Early registration ends June 30th (5 days!). Use my promotional code FOPM and receive a 15% discount.