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Among the many reasons I’ve been posting so infrequently was wedding planning. My own. Last Saturday, Stacy and I conducted our ceremony at the Hillside Club in Berkeley.

Ryan posted a set of 16 beautiful photos from the event.

To be truly forthcoming, Stacy and I were already technically married, having done a San Francisco City Hall ceremony on February 15, the 6th anniversary of our commitment to one another.

(Photo by Maggie Mason)

Saturday’s ceremony was a blast. Stacy and I were both quite anxious, but we were also able to be very present during the event. My favorite photo of the event demonstrates this:

When you can double over laughing in your own wedding ceremony, things are going well.

Our guests protested over how much food we served them at dinner (a meal prepared by our favorite East Bay Chinese restaurant, China Village.) Yet when the 140 cupcakes appeared (more than one for each person), they were pretty much all eaten. Hmmmm.

We began the event with a slideshow. The slideshow had a surprise for some people, and that surprise is another reason why I’ve perhaps not been as on the ball when it comes to writing here.

Stacy and I are expecting a boy.

2008 is a liminal year. Stacy, we’re gonna have an adventure!

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