1. Good article, but… how many more versions of “The Long This-or-That” must we suffer through?

  2. Whenever I see the words Wow! listed in a sequence it does make me wonder whether we are talking about a business proposition or an orgasm. It isn’t the concept of Long Wow’s that concern me, it is the fact that we develop basic methodology after basic methodology and at the ground level, and that such discipline often fails to translate to broaden and deepen commercial intelligence or the experience relationship.

    I am all for repeatable processes based on the bedrock of intelligent thinking, but how many ways can we twist and tort an array of fads and methodologies before we realize, that while our thinking may be intellectually sound, at the consumer level what evolves at the market root level of consumption is a visible minority of intelligent consumers but a vast majority of an indifferent population who are not engaged by experience itself but by well mediated if not medicated memes of learned helplessness or outright commerical pampering.

    Is it the relationship between consumption and evolution of behaviours or the relationship between human spirit and consumption that is important here? Is the WOW experience merely another masterstroke in professional nomenclature or does it actually promote thought to consumption and the subsequent well-being that cascades into and hopefully raises the bar on who we are as a society? This may appear be a calling of lofty idealism but I personally believe that the observation I personally am exploring here is grounded in pragmatic belief.


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