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Come to MX East and I will buy you dinner…or something else

Scott Berkun is, among other things, very clever. He’s offering a free dinner to anyone who attends MX East using his promotional code. So, not only do you get 15% off the registration, you get a personal gift — either dinner, a signed copy of his book, or he’ll write a blog post on a topic of your choice.

Well, that’s definitely raised the ante, and I feel obliged to at least meet it, and maybe raise it a little more. If you come to MX East, and use my promotional code FOPM, not only will you receive the 15% off the registration price, but I will also offer you a personal gift.

As dinner is already provided at MX East, I will buy you dinner either in your home city, or when you visit the San Francisco Bay Area. If connecting for dinner is too challenging, I’ll happily ship you your choice of some of the best that the Bay Area has to offer:

  • chocolates from Rechiutti (San Francisco), Scharffenberger (Berkeley), or Joseph Schmidt’s (San Francisco).
  • Two pounds of Philz or Blue Bottle coffee (the latest coffee crazes in the Bay Area)
  • Junipero Gin (from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Company)MX East has come together real well. We’ve got an amazing lineup, including:
  • Joshua Wesson, CEO, innovative wine merchant Best Cellars
  • Mark Jones, Service Design Director, IDEO
  • Irene Au, Director of User Experience, Google
  • Khoi Vinh, Design Director, The New York Times
  • Ryan Armbruster, SPARC Innovation Program, Mayo Clinic
    and many many more!