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Have you ever seen a less inspiring NBA Finals? Was there a single memorable moment? Dear goodness. I love basketball and all, but the league’s gotta do something to make it interesting until the end.

  1. Thud indeed. Didn’t watch a minute after game 1. Then again, up here in Portland, we’re glad the season is over because we’re obsessing over the draft.

  2. What would you think about one-game playoffs just like college tournaments?

    I think it’d be infinitely more watchable.

  3. You´re so hard!! Here en Argentina we saw 4 games, Manu Ginobili is in-cre-di-ble!!!

  4. Now you know why the Lakers raise their ticket prices no matter how poor their season.

    And sorry, Juan. Your Futbol Argentino membership has just been cnceled.

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