1. Never been, but Nevada Barr, a park ranger who writes mysteries (about a park ranger who solves mysteries, naturally) wrote 2 books set there, “Deep South” and “Hunting Season.” They’re both good (all her books are), and you might pick up some local color and insider’s tips if you read them before you go.

  2. Peter, I don’t know how much you know about the Trace [I’m guessing that most of this is know-able online], but you’re speed-limited [I think 50mph] and access-limited because of the nature of the road. There are fueling stations and convenience stores along the length of the road [or at least what I’ve driven in the northern half of Mississippi], so it makes for an enjoyable time. The beauty of the natural scenery certainly makes it worth the drive, although you do have to watch for wild game—especially deer—crossing the road.

    I have enjoyed driving the Trace, and I’ve thought about driving the length of it myself. I’ve been at both ends and some in the middle, but never the whole thing. Seems like a great way to pass a couple of days, and you have great endpoints with Nashville and Natchez.

  3. I lived for two years in rural Port Gibson, Mississippi, which is on the Trace, 40 miles north of Natchez–so I know the final portion of the route well. Let me know when you’re going–I can tell you about some stops to make along the way.

  4. In September 2005 my wife and I rode from Nshville to Natchez along the Trace. We were on our motorcycles and had a great time. spent the night in Tupelo, Natchez, Vicksburg doing the B&B thing. Enjoyed it so well we are going back again this September.


  5. Driving from New Orleans towards Memphis, many years ago, we woke up middle of the night at a dodgy campground and hightailed it to our car, freaked out by barking dogs and shuffling neighbors. Sunrise on the Natchez Trace several hours later was one of the high points of a memorable 5-week drive around and across the US. Recommended.

  6. My wife and I camp and bike the Trace constantly. It is safe, it is patrolled by park rangers all the time. There are places for breaks, stops, lunches, and the what ever you want. Major towns are near for any supplies you may want, with a variety of places to eat as well.

    This is the best vacation area I have seen in the past 20 years.

    I am from Seattle and used to go into the mountains all the time but now we go to the Natchez Trace.

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