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Stacy and I just completed what must have been the most frustrating road trip we’ve ever shared. At so many points along the way, we were thwarted from our desires:

– We couldn’t get banh mi at Au Petit Cafe because they are closed Wednesdays
– We didn’t visit the Vancouver Museum because the time periods of interest to us were ‘under renovation”
– We couldn’t relax at Joe Bar because they close at 10pm
– We couldn’t do much at Cape Disappointment because it shuts down at 5
– We couldn’t find the general store, nor other things of interest, in Mist, OR
– We couldn’t find Priya, considered the best Indian restaurant in Eugene, OR, and had to assume that they’d gone out of business
– Our visit to Crater Lake was miserable, because it’s fucking snowy and cold up there in April, and you can’t really see anything
– We couldn’t eat at our desired restaurant in Dunsmuir because it’s closed for the season
– We couldn’t get a hot doughnut at Krispy Kreme, even though it was between 5p-11p, which is supposed to be “hot light” time

We also got rained on through much of our drive.

Not that there weren’t delightful elements (introducing Stacy to the wonders of congee, visiting Vanessa and Elliot, great housemade cheese from the Pike Place Market, *good* pancakes at the Original Pancake House in Eugene), but this trip definitely had a black-cloud cast, figuratively and literally.

  1. It’s too bad you couldn’t find the general store in Mist. That is one cool place. From what I recall, it’s in a large house; it doesn’t look expressly like a store.

    Of course I was last there in 1991 and there wasn’t much to Mist back then. The Oregon economy, being what it has been over the last 15 years, could have ended the store.

  2. Thats why I just stay at home now adays and order in. Sorry to hear about you bad trip but hope you atleast were able to get things done!

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