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IA Summit 2006: Closing Plenary

Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting the closing plenary for the 2006 IA Summit.

You can download the slides, with notes. (6.5MB PDF)

I had tough shoes to fill. Andy Dillon’s closing plenary last year was excellent.

Giving a closing plenary is a nerve-wracking experience. I realized I had a hard time relaxing and enjoying myself at the summit, because in the back of my mind, I was continually tweaking my talk.

It’s also a bit scary to be the person to Say Something Meaningful to an audience. This was perhaps the first talk I’ve ever given that had an explicit emotional bent, where uplift and inspiration were essential qualities.

Delivering the talk was an amazing experience, and I am glad to have done it.

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  1. where uplift and inspiration were essential qualities

    And man, you went for the cheap heat. 🙂

    Great talk… looking forward to IDEA in the fall.

  2. College pic shall be flickr’d shortly 😉 That had to be the highlight for me. That and “comcastic”. Great job on the talk, I loved the flow of it.

    I am now uplifted and inspired to subscribe to comcast for some reason …

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