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Would you follow this man’s lead?

Being a Warrior fan is a remarkably trying experience. One thing that I don’t understand is why the fans and the media aren’t calling for Coach Montgomery to be fired. I just watched an ESPN bit on Byron Scott and the great work he’s done with a young Hornets team, a team that not only is raw, but physically displaced, a team likely to go to the playoffs this year.

And here we have the Warriors, also a young team, but with, frankly, an amazing roster of young talent, and they should at least be playoff contenders with that talent, but they often can’t pull it together for a win. And with a young team like that, they need a strong, guiding, driving, inspiration coach. And instead they have Milquetoast Montgomery who at every game appears nonplussed. And who, for reasons I don’t understand, is avoiding the media and fan glare (who are much quicker to, say, blame Baron Davis for his hotdogging, or Mike Dunleavy for his effort).

Fire that man. Get a real coach. Win some games.

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  1. Peter: Just beg Bill Simmons to write an article on the topic. As soon as he wrote about how the Celtics needed to can Doc Rivers, the Boston media woke up and realized how much Doc sucked.

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