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Ticket Purchased – Heading to the IA Summit

In the interest of managing some of the outstanding details of my life, I’ve also booked my ticket to Vancouver for the IA Summit.

Year in and year out, the IA Summit is my favorite conference. The content is consistently good and the people are great. This is the one event that all other obligations must be planned around.

This year I’m honored to be giving the closing plenary. Honored, and terrified. And hopeful.

Here’s my cheeky bio for the conference:

At the first IA Summit, in 2000, Peter Merholz was nearly booed off the stage for suggesting librarians were responsible for the tyranny of hierarchy demonstrated on most websites. He has attended every summit since, unexpectedly becoming an evangelist of information science thinking to the broader community.

In 2002, Peter publicly lambasted the announcement of the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture. Three years later, he became president of the rechristened IA Institute, which reminds him of the Vulcan proverb, “Only Nixon could go to China.”

Professionally, Peter is the director of practice development at Adaptive Path.

See you in Vancouver!

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  1. Sadly, you’ll not see me there. Corporate powers-that-be dictate such. So, hoist a real beer (a Canuck chilly), be yourself at the plenary, and have fun!

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