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Intel Wayside

I normally don’t talk about chip manufacturers, but today’s article in the New York Times, “Intel Plans to Shift Focus to Consumer Products,” is unfortunate in how it lacks context.

Because, in reading it, you’d never know that Intel has tried this before (at least once) and failed. Miserably.

A look back into the archive demonstrates efforts beginning in 1999 to have Intel be a brand for the “home.” In 1997, they were part of an exhibition called “Cyberhome 2000,” demonstrating a home of the future with Intel Inside.

I’ve never been a fan of Times’ technology reporter John Markoff, and stories such as this demonstrate why. He’s covered the industry long enough to know that Intel has tried and failed repeatedly, but for some reason doesn’t see fit to include any mention of this in his piece.

Which leads me to wonder, what makes Intel think they can succeed this time, when they haven’t been able to be a convincing consumer products brand in the past?

  1. Thanks, Peter, flagging this. I just finished my flip-through of the NYT and saw that headline; wondered about the lack of historical context in the piece, but didn’t give it the read-through to check. Was more focused on oatmeal. Glad your priorities are straight!!

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