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Whither Warriors?

This is the year I decided to really try to follow basketball. It’s been made easier by having a local team that doesn’t suck wind — the Golden State Warriors. Lead by point guard Baron Davis, they can prove to be a formidable opponent, especially when J-Rich has got his hot hands.

The Warriors were disappointing in their last two games, though, losing to the Suns and the Pistons. Yes, both of those are better teams. But both times, the Warriors kept it a game until well into the fourth quarter, when they simply fell apart.

This is probably the most frustrating thing about being a Warriors fan. They’ve clearly got lots of talent, drive, and enthusiasm. When they’re on a roll, you can get some Laker-like Showtime with Davis at the helm. But they have a tendency to play sloppy ball, chucking up needless threes, not coordinating, not making plays.

One good thing about being a Warriors fan this year: because they are winning, and the local football teams suck major major wind, they’re actually getting decent press coverage.

It looks like the Warriors will make it into the playoffs this year… Let’s hope they get past the first round.

Fun fact: before playing in Oakland (and being called the “Golden State” Warriors), the team was the San Francisco Warriors, and on their uniforms was this logo:

Separately, and probably obviously, the Spurs are still my favorite team. Though I wish I could have seen their collapse to the pitiful Hawks. The Spurs are an interesting team in that they rarely fail, but when they do, they have a tendency to fail Big.

And, um, how ’bout them Clips?

  1. Whither or whether or whatever, the Warriors are pleasantly entertaining, especially when they play the Clips.

    But do they not suck wind? My understanding of the term is that it refers to the status of running behind and therefore sucking the wind of the leaders of the race. This would mean that the Warriors are still sucking wind in the Pacific division, along with the Lakers and the Kings.

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