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Movie Review: Me And You And Everyone We Know

We just saw the film Me and You and Everyone We Know, and it’s the best movie I’ve seen in the last week (which means, better than The 40-Year Old Virgin, which was good, and better than Broken Flowers, which was only okay). MAYAEWK is probably hard to locate right now — it’s been in theaters a few weeks, and is a highly… idiosyncratic indie flick (I’m purposefully avoiding “quirky,” because I don’t think that overused phrase does the film justice). But it’s worth locating, worth seeing if you’re interested in a strong personal voice telling a set of stories in a truly cinematic way.

The movie also goes to show that while Anthony Lane is a good writer, he’s a pretty shabby critic.

  1. Damn. I think MT took out one of my pointers!

    Here’s what it shoulda said:

    ))<>(( forever.

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