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You forgot “limp-wristed”

William Rohrbach wrote the following to Adaptive Path’s general contact address. The “Q” and “A” part is a quote from the added material to Jesse’s Ajax essay.

“Q. Did Adaptive Path invent Ajax? Did Google? Did Adaptive Path help build Google’s Ajax applications?

A. Neither Adaptive Path nor Google invented Ajax. Google’s recent products are simply the highest-profile examples of Ajax applications. Adaptive Path was not involved in the development of Google’s Ajax applications, but we have been doing Ajax work for some of our other clients.”

Ahhh… maybe you should mention where Ajax had its genesis…specifically Microsoft. Or as assholes like you call them M$.

And the highest-profile example of Ajax and still the best is Outlook Web client.

Fucking open-source pansy loving shit fuck pricks.

That last line is become our new motto.

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