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Comics Review For People Who Like, But Aren’t Obsessive About, Comics: Street Angel


Many comics lovers have known for a while that Street Angel is something to crow about. A few weeks ago I bought issues 1 through 5, based on the strength of the cover art and flipping through a few pages.

I was not disappointed. Street Angel has gotten me the most excited about comics since I first stumbled upon Hellboy. The short of it: Street Angel is Jesse Sanchez, a homeless 8th-grader with skateboarding and martial arts skillz. Over the 5 issues she takes on mad scientists, Spanish Conquistadors (in my favorite-titled-issue, “Inca-Dinka-Doom”), Satan, hunger, cuckolds, and ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas. The stories are a marvelous combination of humor, action, and pathos.

The artwork keeps it all together, and propels you relentlessly forward. The best thing about the whole series, is that it’s just…simply…fun. A welcome antidote to the bleak dystopian bloodbaths that pass for “edgy” in today’s comics market.

All 5 issues (and there will only be 5, at least for a while), have been collected in a trade paperback, which I’m considering buying even though I have every comic.

  1. Thanks again for the recommendation Peter – I hadn’t laughed this hard with a new comic in ages. The dialog is really smart and the additional skits on the inside covers (Ninja Dojo strip, Rap sheet and random drawing of Street Angel and an octopuss) crack me up on every issue. Like you, I’m getting the compilation even though I got the 5 issues. I’m also giving some copies away as gifts. Really, you just can’t go wrong with pirates, ninjas and a martial arts skater girl. Brilliant.

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