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Adaptive Path Update – Workshops in Minneapolis and D.C

Time for some company plugging. And stuff I’m really excited about.

We’ve recently announced two workshops.

July 19-20, Minneapolis – Beyond Usability: Designing the Complete User Experience

This is our classic two-day workshop, in which we’ll walk you through a complete design process, from business requirements gathering through user research, information architecture, and prototyping. This workshop will have a lot of new material, reflecting what we’ve learned in four years of project work. New material includes:

  • making business cases for design
  • content strategy and presentation
  • designing for Ajax
  • and more! (of course… there’s always “and more!”)

Use promotional code FOPM (Friend of Peter Merholz) and get 15% off the registration price. And that registration price is only $995 until June 20th!

August 22-25, Washington, D.C. – User Experience Week

Hooboy, are we excited about this. This will easily be our best User Experience Week yet. It will feature 100% new material, and it’s targeted at more advanced practitioners and managers. We’re taking this opportunity to be forward-thinking yet practical.

Each day has a theme that we will explore in depth.

Day 1 – The Whole New Internet
Inspired by Janice’s essay, we’re devoting a day to the user experience of new Web technologies and approaches. From Ajax to folksonomies to mass amateurization, we’ll talk about what implications The Whole New Internet has on design and business.

Day 2 – Content and Information Architecture
Here we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with that most overlooked aspect of interaction design — content. This is a day that I put together, reflecting my interests in content strategy, content genre, and content effectiveness. I’m most excited about the joint case study we’re doing with Wells Fargo. We’ll talk about the work Adaptive Path did to establish a content strategy for, and the work they’ve done since to establish an understanding of content effectiveness.

Day 3 – New User Research Methods
Really, we’ve got to get beyond lab user testing. In this day, we’ll talk about a variety of better ways to understand your users, methods and approaches that are truly germane to developing for interactive networked media. The heart of the day will be two case studies, one with the National Gallery of Art, and another with Princess Cruises, where we’ll talk about how these research methods are leading to significant evolution within these organizations.

And also, we’ll have Special Guest Star Jared Spool. I’ve been delighted at the profound, and common-sense challenging findings coming out of UIE — they’re easily doing the best web-related research out there.

Day 4 – Web 2010
So where do we go from here? Our last day will tie together all the discussions, and provide a vision for the web as it moves forward. We’ll have Special Guest Star Marc Rettig talk to us about the amazing work he did with Carnegie Mellon’s library, combining offline and online design to provide for a complete experience.

Again, as with the workshop above, use promotional code FOPM for a 15% discount.

I hope to see you in Minneapolis or D.C.!

  1. Just for the record, it was Aradhana Goel and others at MAYA Design who did the work at Carnegie Library. I’m just the humble messenger. Don’t want to appear to take credit for others’ fantastic work. The cool thing is, by the time the DC workshop rolls around, they will have returned to the library for follow-up studies and evaluations to see how well the designs are holding up under extended use. So I’ll report on that too, as well as other projects that yes, I actually worked on .

    Having straightened the record, I’ll add a plug for the week in DC. Looks like a great event.

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